Follow the Tips to Maintain Hydraulic Breakers in London

September 8th, 2021

Electric breakers hire is the way to go when it comes to breaking rocks, asphalt or other construction materials at a manufacturing job site. The high-performance devices take care of intense tasks that necessitate strength, planning and aggression.

However, ensuring the tools last long is no child’s play. Following a routine maintenance procedure is what secures the health of the tool. A lack of maintenance not only costs your money and valuable time, but the job also takes longer to complete.

When in confusion, work with P & P Services to get hydraulic breakers that offer you optimal performance. In case of a hydraulic breaker repair in London, you can also consult the team of the company.

Let’s dive deep into the tips that you need to follow to keep hydraulic breakers in its best condition:

A Visual Inspection is Necessary

Although visual inspection is not enough when it comes to detecting issues in a hydraulic breaker, there is no harm in trying this out. At times, just by inspecting the hammer from outside, you can identify lingering issues in the tool.

Perform it once every two days to not miss out on any sudden appearance of a problem.

Work with the Right Maintenance Tools

When you are working with hydraulic breakers everyday, you must accumulate a few tools to check whether the equipment is in its best condition or not. When you do it regularly, you get accustomed to the appearance of the device. Any unexpected changes in its appearance or performance can be considered a tell-tale sign of an issue in it.

Don’t Overlook the Hydraulic Hose

Maintaining the perfect length of the hydraulic hose is crucial to prevent wear and tear in the machinery. Shorter length does not allow the attachment to extend at its full potential whereas the longer length can latch on to debris and dirt. Only work with a standard hydraulic hose that does not restrict the performance of the tool.

Regular Lubrication is Important

When we are talking about the maintenance tips of hydraulic breakers, there is no way to skip the phase of lubrication. Greasing and oiling the joints of the tool is necessary when it’s constantly in use and is performing high intensity jobs.

As now you are aware of the maintenance tips of hydraulic breakers, let’s get to know the fields where it remains in use:

  • Rock Mining
  • After-care after blasting
  • Complete Demolition

What are the issues that hydraulic breakers face?

Industrial tools often go through their bad days when they need intense maintenance. Here is a list of issues that you can take care of through a thorough maintenance process:

Broken Piston

When a breaker stops functioning out of the blue, you can understand there is a problem with the piston. Take it to an expert to examine it from the inside out.

No Gas

Stable gas pressure is important to keep the hammer working. Once there is an issue in the pressure, the feed hose might start to vibrate.


Follow the guidelines to ensure how hydraulic breakers are working. When in confusion, P & P Services can help you with pneumatic breakers hire in London. Visit the website for more information!