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Why are Hydraulic Breakers London a better Alternative to Pneumatic Breakers?

April 27th, 2021

The hydraulic breakers in London help in breaking rocks in high-pressure. The piston in the breaker is needed to force and move upward by compressing the gaseous substance on the back head. While moving backward, the gaseous part of the oil passage helps in breaking the rocks and hard stones. The team of P & P Services can help you understand why hydraulic breaker hammers are the best alternatives to pneumatic breakers.

  1. Handles the Contamination Risk

The risk of hydraulic oil leakage is related to faulty seals, valves, and burst hoses. With the help of the hydraulic tools, exhaustion along with the power sources can be controlled remotely. The pneumatic breaker is the best alternative because it is suitable for the food manufacturing process and it does not require the risk of contamination. The process can be atomised into small droplets by lubricating the surrounding atmosphere.

  1. Have the Ability to Change the Direction

While talking about the electric breakers hire, the oil should be routed back with the reservoir by making it slower to change its direction properly. This task can be done by the hydraulic breakers. Now, if you ask about a pneumatic breaker, the valves and the cylinders of the dump and

compressed air may be controlled as per the atmosphere while changing the direction quickly.

  1. Movement of the Cylinder 

The hydraulic cylinders can be shifted slowly as hydraulic oil is one of the viscous substances. Moreover, it requires more energy to do the movement. Pneumatic cylinders offer the rapid movement of the internal parts of the rock point. The movement becomes easier if the alternative of a pneumatic cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder.

It is also noticed that hydraulics can be lifted smoothly and loads are not compressible. Air pressure can be more spongy and jerky that helps in fluctuating with the cylinder that helps in load changes. It is compressible and similar to a hydraulic breaker, it can be measured properly.

  1. Manage the Working Force

Hydraulic breaker maintains the force to cut concrete, rocks along with pumping flooded culvert. It is always easy to maintain. Pneumatic breakers have less potential force but it offers the movement and lifting process in an easy flow with the best suited part of the hard materials.

  1. Maintain Efficiency and Cost

If you are finding the efficient and inherent tools to be broken easily, a hydraulic breaker is the best choice because it helps you manage both your time and money. While managing the energy cost, pneumatics help in compressing the air easily. The cost of both the hydraulic and pneumatic breakers is reasonable.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned points prove that a pneumatic breaker is the best alternative to hydraulic breakers hire in London. The team of P & P Services provides both services at a reasonable price. To know more about our service, you may contact us at 0161 794 5320 or shoot us an email at We are ready to provide you various services.